RISE Score Reports

The RISE reports scaled score results for students in each of the following subtests:

  • Subtest 1 (Word Recognition & Decoding)
  • Subtest 2 (Vocabulary)
  • Subtest 3 (Morphology)
  • Subtest 4 (Sentence Processing)
  • Subtest 5 (Efficiency of Basic Reading Comprehension)
  • Subtest 6 (Reading Comprehension)

The scaled scores are color-coded to map to one of four performance levels:

Proficiency - High

There is evidence that the student has the skill in place and can handle regular curriculum materials.


Proficiency - Low

There is evidence that the student has adequate skill in the component and likely can handle regular curriculum, but he or she should be monitored.


Needs Improvement

There is evidence that the student may have some skill in the component but would likely benefit from targeted, direct instruction or intervention.



There is evidence that the student does not have the skill in place; targeted, direct instruction or intervention is recommended.

Score reports can be grouped at the school, grade, or classroom level, depending on how you configure your roster. The report shows group means for each subtest and can be exported to a spreadsheet program.

For all inquiries about the use of the RISE test, including accounts and payment options, please e-mail RISE_Info@ets.org.

The RISE was developed through a SERP collaboration with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the Boston Public Schools.

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